Things to do in Filey

Filey Bay

Most of the things to do in Filey depend on its unique position and the resulting beautiful sandy bay. It lies between the Brig to the North and Flamborough Head to the South. These 2 headlands protect the bay from many of the rough seas and have allowed a very long sandy beach to build up. Filey started out as a fishing village and grew during the Edwardian period as a seaside resort. It has much less development along the seafront than the other Yorkshire coast resorts so has a calmer more genteel feel.

Filey beach and Brigg from the south
Filey beach from Glen gardens
Sunrise on Filey beach
Reighton sands Filey Bay
Filey Beach and Bay with Flamborough head at sunset
Filey sea front
Filey bay looking North
Filey bay looking south
Sunrise over Flamborough Head
Filey Bay, Reighton
Filey bay at sunset

Filey beach

Filey has one of the best and safest beaches in the country. The beach slopes gently and there are no deeper parts to catch you out of your depth. It also has a life guard in the summer. Children just love to be able to spend hours down on the beach and in the sea. The sand is also excellent for building sand castles and is regularly washed by the tide. There are also donkeys in the summer which are very popular. In winter just walking on the beach is very popular and children can still have fun.

Filey beach, having fun paddling
Filey coble landing beach and Brig
Filey beach donkeys
Filey beach digging
Filey beach winter fun
Filey beach at low water
Filey Beach
Filey paddling
Filey coble landing
Filey donkeys
Digging on Filey beach
Winter fun on the beach
Filey beach low water

Filey seafront

There are a few children’s rides, cafes and shops on the seafront and only one seafront amusement arcade on the coble landing so is relatively unspoilt. The coble landing is also where the fishing boats and the lifeboat launch. You can see where the lifeboat launches from Hope Cottages. There is also a crazy golf course with a giant lobster close to the coble landing. At the cliff top at the south end of the seafront there is a small boating lake and some free children’s swings and slides in Glen Gardens.

Crescent gardens , Filey
Filey lifeboat from Hope cottages
Roundabout on filey seafront
Filey coble landing
Crescent gardens
Crazy golf lobster
Filey coble landing

Filey Brigg

Filey owes its existence to the Brigg, a rocky promontory sticking out into the North sea. It has created this beautiful beach and bay by protecting them from the Northerly gales. Many people love to walk out onto the Brig, It is important to be aware of the tides. You can get cut off at various places so be aware of the three hours before high water as the tide comes in . There is a deep water at the back of the Brigg which can occasionally allow large swells to crash onto the rocks. You can check on the magicseaweed website to see a swell forecast and tidal information. The swell can build up quickly near highwater so take care. There are rock pools and good fishing here.

There is a ladder at the back of the Brig that goes down the vertical cliff. It is used as a way for getting on and off the rocks. If it was not there people could be trapped at high water as there is no way back into the bay side of the Brigg at high water. It is not for those who are clumsy, weak or of a nervous disposition . It is a near enough vertical ladder.

Filey Brig side
Back of Filey Brigg
Filey Brigg- big wave
Filey Brig ladder
Back of Filey Brig
Filey Brig fishing

Filey walks and wildlife

Bird watching around Filey is popular and the Brigg is one of the most best places along with Filey Dams and nearby Bempton cliffs. The Brig is also a good lookout place for marine mammals such as seals porpoises dolphins and even whales. This is because there is fairly deep water and strong tides close to the Brigg which attracts fish of all sizes making the Brigg a mecca for anglers and nature lovers. Filey is also very popular with all sorts of walkers and is where two long distance walks meet: the Cleveland Way and the Wolds Way. The country park provides close and easy parking for walks on the Brig and cliff top.

Filey Brigg seal
Filey where the Wolds Way joins the Cleveland Way
Redshank and sanderling
Baby seal on Filey Brigg
Herring gull
Wolds and Cleveland Way marker
Redshank and sanderling

Filey town

Another thing that is unique about Filey is its shopping. It is not quite big enough to attract many of the big chains. This allows many of the smaller local traders to flourish. There are butchers, bakers, greengrocers, newsagents, grocers and some small supermarkets as well as a Tesco. There is also a large independent store Dixons selling everything from clothes, shoes, diy, electrical goods, household goods. You can even hire mobility scooters. There are of course cafes, coffee shops, pubs and fish and chip shops. The shopping area is quite concentrated and within easy walking distance of Hope Cottages holiday accommodation.

Filey Town
Filey Town
Filey Town

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