Self catering cleaning guidance

Many guests wonder what is expected in terms of cleaning a self catering property when they leave as they may be used to serviced hotel accommodation. We offer the following guidance.

Though the property will be thoroughly cleaned after your stay, we only have a limited time before the next guests arrive and with the current situation a lot to do, so please can you help us all stay safe by:

  • Open all windows as soon as practical depending on the weather
  • Take the pillow cases and duvets covers off and put them in the black bin liners provided and tie the bag. Same with the towels please.
  • Clean and put away all the crockery, baking trays , pans etc that you have used
  • Empty and dispose of any food you do not want to take home and wipe out the fridge.
  • Clean any spillages in the oven as they occur
  • Wipe table and work tops
  • Sweep/vac the floors
  • Empty bins and take all rubbish to the main dustbins

There is a copy of this in the cottage.