Corona virus

We continue to follow the advice of the government closely.

We have done our risk assessment and have made changes in the way we operate in line with the government guidelines to make your holiday safe. This includes

  • Extra cleaning time
  • Use of anti viral disinfectant to EN 14467
  • Staggered arrival times earliest 3pm latest 5pm
  • Contactless check in
  • Cottage Handbooks on line
  • Removal of non essential handled items
  • Making a few changes on how you leave the cottage. More details on our cleaning page.

The tier system and what it means to Hope Cottage holidays after December 2nd.

Our understanding of the rules regarding  Hope Cottages  holidays is.

  • If you are in tier 1 you are still able to come on holiday with us and must adhere to all the tier one rules. (If Filey goes into tier 2 then you must obey tier 2 rules while here)
  • If you are in tier 2 you can still can come on holiday and must adhere to tier 2 rules.
  • If you are in tier 3 or higher (Scotland and England) you cannot come on holiday.

If you or we are in tier 3 or higher or in lockdown at the time of your holiday we will cancel your holiday and refund all your money.

We will update this page as soon as there is any new relevant information.

Please stay safe. ( Last updated on the 2nd November 2020)