Filey holiday accommodation : Availability and prices for next year

Bookings from new visitors for 2022 will be taken from October 2021.

We look after our regular valued customers. Some of them came as children and now bring their own children. We also offer an efficient service for our new customers. Weeks (with prices) which have not been re-booked by this year’s visitors will be posted on our website on the evening of September 30th 2021. We will accept bookings from new guests from¬† 8am October 1st (not before to be fair to all). There have always been some summer school holiday weeks available, but they have sometimes gone by Christmas or soon after.

All the cottages will be closed from January  until Easter.

So it is a case of looking at our website on the evening of 30th September 2021 to see if we have what you want and to find the price. The following morning at 8am, the online booking system will go live for 2022. The booking should be made via the online system, which will avoid any double bookings.